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Operation Wellness

Following the death of Richard Obonyo, a courageous and intelligent young boy from Agururu Community in Eastern Uganda, who lost his battle to Cancer at age of 11 under care of Dr. Walusimbi, not only sparkled off Fire but also raised a call to action to start this Project in names of Remembering his divine warrior spirit.

Operation Wellness

Excited Team for a successful Operation wellness,2015

To his Knowledge, Dr. Walusimbi, felt that the problem that surrounded Richard’s death was due to late diagnosis secondary to lack of awareness and basic understanding of Diseases in the community. In direct partnership with COFIA, a non-Profit NGO operating in the area, Project Operation wellness came to life.

Now, since its establishment in 2015 upto date, over 1000 People are benefiting from this project through, Annual medical camps, Career guidance or obtaining First aid treatment/Knowledge from the clinic.

Future Plan Activities Involved

Upgrading and Total Transformation of the community First Aid clinic into an independent sustainable Functional Health Unit.

  • Free medical camp involving Health education, screening and treatment of acute infections in Agururu community
  • Career guidance and counseling.
  • Motivational talks to Orphans.
  • Establishment of First Aid clinic to benefit to community, Linkage to nearby Government Health Facility.
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