A walk on Kampala streets meeting & sharing with children.

It was a sunny Ester Sunday when, when Dr. Walusimbi, took a walk to the street of Kampala to meet with the street children at “Ssaawa Ya Queen” Junction, to share and celebrate the festive day with them, and also better understand their challenges

Aim. To understand the current life of a typical Ugandan street Children.

Lessons learnt. Majority of them are orphans, Products of child abuse or neglect, Natural disasters like war in Northern Uganda and diseases like HIV/AIDs

Why live on street – “At least, being here, I am more less assured of what to eat from generous traveler’s coin or food donations on any given day”

Challenges. Lack of basic needs including food, clothes and shelter (some live in sewage tunnel nearby),Unhygienic disease like diarrhea and dysentery, URTI; Lack of school fees for education; Accidental deaths from MVA and unrecognized deaths due to lack of health care attention

Suggested Interventions. Public awareness and collective efforts to help. Government involvement and support in rehabilitation of these innocent lives~ they also deserve a chance

Appreciations to NGO’s like Save street children Uganda (SACU) who have at least identified and come up with rehabilitation programs for these street children to some extent.

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