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Activity Report

St. Joseph Primary School-Kitigi-Mpigi District, Uganda.

Activity Report


Abraham’s Foundation is a community charity organization founded in November 2014 with the aim of changing the lives of the vulnerable and underprivileged children most especially Orphans in Uganda, who have limited access to education and Medical care. This is so common in villages where public services are minimal and there exist high levels of poverty. These children with a poor background in the areas mentioned turn out to be a problem to the community at a tender age and hence ending in prisons, prostitution, early girl child marriage and death among others.

Basing on the experiences of the cofounders, such conditions gave birth to a vision for Abraham’s foundation.  It’s upon this background that Abraham’s Foundation conducts outreaches, medical and health education camps to communities in rural Uganda.

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  • 14th – 16th Nov 2019

This is the activity report with full description of activities conducted by Abraham’s Foundation team in Partnership with Ministry of Health Uganda, Uganda National Health laboratory Services / Central Public Health laboratories, Mpigi District Health Office and Education Office, and Local Authorities structures to the communities of and around St. Joseph Kitigi primary school in Kazosi Lwajja village, Kituntu Sub-county, Mpigi district, Central Uganda.

Objectives of the activity Methods Achievements
  • To reach out to the children of St Joseph Kitigi primary school with motivation talks and Career guidance towards attaining the highest academic strands and health education.

  • To improve the functionality of the First aid clinic as well as explore the opportunities for developing it into a free sustainable community health unit, study and information center.

  • To equip the First Aid/emergency clinic with supplies for menstrual hygiene, Deworming, Therapy, Trauma first aid kit, as well as a variety of health information literature for the education of underprivileged children.

  • To orient and train a school science teacher on basic First aid skills /emergency health provision and daily maintenance of the Clinic for basic urgent Health care needs for the school and the surrounding community.

  • To offer complete physical examinations, appropriate medical screening and treatment for the commonest medical ailments, Free medical consultations to all students in the school and people in the surrounding community.

  • To identify orphans in Lwajja-Kitigi community and carry out Inspirational/Motivation Talks to them and also donate scholastic materials to them.

This activity was conducted for three days at St Joseph Kitigi primary school and surrounding Communities. District and sub-county.

Authorities were approached, informed of the intended activity by a representative of the foundation, before formal acceptance, authorization and support of the activity was officially granted. Arrangements were then be finalized with the school and local council authorities for the health and education camp.

We solicited the support of competent volunteer health workers including Pharmacists, Nurses Lab scientists, Doctors, lawyers and academicians. The Team was further reinforced with the support of health workers from the nearest health facilities and MOH/UNHLS/CPHL to offer medical services, health education and career guidance.

  • A total of 400 children were reached with medical services, health education and career education during the three days activity with 278 being from the host school and the rest from the community, also 200 adults including teachers and community members accessed health services.
  • 400 children were reached with motivation and career talks.
  • 105 orphans were identified in the school and nearby community and offered scholastic materials including half a dozen of books, pens, pencils, shoes and clothes.

  • Adolescent girls were educated about menstrual hygiene and offered 1 packet of disposable sanitary pads each but each orphan adolescent received two packets of reusable AfriPads for sustainability throughout the year.

  • The first aid clinic was supplied with medical consumables including a first aid kit, gloves, antibiotic, painkillers, sanitizers and other essential first aid drugs.

  • Liaison was established with Kituntu Health Centre III to continue supporting and supervising this First Aid/ emergency clinic at the primary school.

The final preparatory day 13th November 2019, commenced by the Abraham Foundation team and volunteers putting together all the materials needed for the activity and reporting to Mpigi District, Kituntu Police station and Kituntu HCIII for official introduction and reporting. Meetings with the DHO Proceeded and she appreciated the Foundation for considering serving Kitigi community – Kituntu sub-county which is statistically underserved in Mpigi District as per the records. All the met stakeholders were so happy to receive the Abraham’s Foundation Team.

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