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Day One, 14th /Nov/2019

At 9am, the Abraham Foundation team arrived at St. Joseph Primary school Kitigi where they were received by the Head teacher, Mr. Musoke Robert. In the meeting self-introductions were made and goals/ Objectives of the activity were clearly explained. He was very happy to learn that some of the Abraham Foundation members were once students in that school. He informed members that the community free first Aid clinic that had been established at the school by the Foundation 2 years ago, was stocked out as parents could hardly sustain it financially yet many could not even afford paying for porridge for children to take as lunch at only 25,000 shillings (~$8) only per term (monthly clinic maintenance $80-$100 for buying supplies).He further informed the team that land to construct the Community Free First Aid clinic was already identified and the only remaining step was Abraham’s Foundation board members having a meeting with the Parish Priest to conclude the matter.

Meeting with the staff followed where the Head teacher introduced the Abraham Foundation team to the staff clearly explaining the objectives of the activity. The deputy Country director/Chairman Board of Directors for Abraham Foundation, Dr Kizito Ssewagudde officially introduced the team and emphasized the objectives of the activity. It was agreed to divide the school into two sections, the lower to include primary one to Primary three who were to be met before Lunch time and Upper Primary (P4-P6) to be met after Lunch.

Lower Primary students were given Health education on Personal Hygiene, notifying elders when sick, adherence to drugs when sick, Personal safety and security, career counselling and guidance plus discipline and other life skills aspects that could make their lives better after which, all were given tooth paste and a tooth brush to teach them how to maintain their dental hygiene.

After Lunch, the Upper primary was also given the same package in addition to Life skills and intensive counseling and guidance using role models, individual testimonies so as to focus them to a better future by discouraging fornication, child marriages, early pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse etc. All orphans in these classes were recorded for attention the following day.

The Second Day, 14th /Nov/2019

     It commenced with identifying another female teacher to work with Mr. Lubega Moses as First Aid specialists.

The two were assigned to work with the medical team fully for the next two days as they gain skills to boost up their capacity to offer first Aid to the community. Offering quality diagnosis of diseases to all the children in the school plus clinical care and treatment was done.

All children were dewormed, given multivitamins and clinically assessed by the doctors. All girls between the age of 9years to 11yrs were immunized against Human papilloma Virus that had been given to us by the ministry of health. All girls between 12 and above were given sanitary pads. Clothes and shoes were also given to those they would fit. All that confirmed sick, were treated respectively.

All orphans were given half a dozen of books, pens and pencils respectively as all girls were given two Afripad packets to at least sustain them for a year.

The Third Day, 16th /Nov/2019

 It was dedicated to community service as earlier announced in the village. A number of people turned up where some were coming in with their medical records to be reviewed by the Doctors. Medical diagnostic tests that include malaria RDT, RBS, BP were performs on Doctors’ requests with appropriate referrals and medications given. HPV vaccination proceeded and Kituntu HCIII committed to continue offering all the doses.

Some very old and sick people were visited and given care from their homes appropriately.

Parents who were mainly grandparents that turned up were requested to register the orphans they had under their care with guidance from the LCI chairpersons and teachers.

 Findings and observations

  • The activity was timely held because a number of children mainly orphans had been sent for school fees but they were recalled back on the activity where they were given hope for the future despite the prevailing situation.

  • Some orphans were affected by Mother to Child transmission of HIV thus separate intensive counselling profited a lot.

  • The most common illnesses were upper respiratory tract infections, Dental Caries, Fungal skin infections, Gastritis, malaria, hypertension, hyperglycemia and Urinary tract Infections, treatment was offered and a few cases referred to government facilities for further management.

  • The community was so eager and willing to learn; very active and participative and embraced the health services provided.

 Lessons Learnt:

  • Timely preparation is very important on the side of the Foundation and partners for the success of the activity.

  • Full community involvement and participation aids the community to be fully accountable to the project and future sustainability.

  • Abraham Foundation team offered many an opportunity to be seen by the Doctors for the first time since even the health facilities in the locality, the in-charge is a Nursing officer according government structure.


  • Limited materials to give to all the children in the community like Afripads (Re-useable sanitary pad) and scholastic materials were mainly given to orphans only much as other children are also needy.

  • Limited information was got about the orphans identified due to the busy schedule of the activity.

  • Many cases of illness were referred to very distant and private expensive health facilities thus many elderly people claimed to be unable to make it thus risking worsening morbidity and mortality.


  • Trainings on making materials like Pads should be considered for more sustainability we shall explore opportunities to establish partnership with other charity organisation to support skills development in future activities. 

  • The activity should be prepared with ample time to allow volunteers and donors to prepare adequately.

  • Close monthly follow ups and supervision of the Community free First Aid clinic by the Volunteer Abraham’s Foundation Doctors along with continued solicitation of support from the Ministry of Health and Local government at Large for sustainability.

Important Follow ups:

  • Donated Land for future construction of the free community first Aid clinic.

  • Orphans identified since some are already sick mainly due to Mother to Child Transmission of HIV and seated home minus fees.


Abrahams foundations greatly thanks all stakeholders who contributed to the success of this activity in form of personal time, volunteering and financial donations, in a special way we thank the DHO and local leaders, the Head teacher and teaches of St Joseph Kitigi Primary school for embracing our support, we look forward to more partnership to reach the underprivileged children for a better future.

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